General advice on business trips

At present, the different legal frameworks that define the migratory requirements that workers who move in the exercise of their work activity must comply with are constantly changing. At VISADOS EMPRESAS USA we will advise you on what these requirements are in Colombia and, in general, in any country you need to travel to.

Visa management

If, given your nationality, activity and length of stay, you need to process any visa to Colombia at VISADOS EMPRESAS USA we will help you manage it. These are some of the visas that we can process for you:

This is the visa that must be applied for to send workers to participate in the installation of equipment that has been manufactured outside the United States and has been acquired by a U.S. company. It may also be used to perform commissioning, repair, maintenance and training activities on the operation of this same equipment.


The E1 visa is a visa intended for foreign nationals who wish to engage in international business activity from the United States. The E2 visa is for entrepreneurs who wish to establish or manage a business in which they invest substantial capital.

E VISA (E1 / E2)

This will be the type of visa you will need to apply for in order to send workers to provide services based on the existence of a contract for the provision of services between a Spanish company and an American company.

b1 visa (in lieu)

El visado H1B es una visa de trabajo que permite a las compañías estadounidenses contratar personas con habilidades o calificaciones especiales de países extranjeros.

H Visa (H1B)

The L1 visa, also known as "intracompany transfer" is the visa designed to send personnel from our company in Spain to our subsidiary in the United States.

L VISA (L1A / L1B)

Business creation and management

If you decide to start an activity in USA and need to have legal presence in VISAS EMPRESAS USA we will advise you on the type of company that best suits your needs and we will set it up from the beginning to the end, leaving it fully operational:


Accompany the client in the conceptualization process, and definition of both tax parameters and those required by the state entities before which the business creation process is carried out. In this process, the client will be delivered a model of the bylaws that can be used, according to the initial parameters delivered, for validation and approval.


The registration will be carried out before the DIAN, and together with the client the procedure will be carried out before the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá. In the event of any inconvenience in the Mercantile Registry process, the necessary corrections will be made, after validation with the client.


After the Mercantile Registry is approved, the creation of the company will be legalized before the DIAN, and the corresponding tax records will be requested for compliance with all the existing regulations for its proper operation and functioning.


The registration will be formalized before the Chamber of Commerce of the official books in accordance with the parameters established by law, thus fulfilling all the requirements to formalize the company.

Comprehensive business advice

Leave the management of your company in our hands. We will take care of ensuring that it complies with all the obligations that, in fiscal, labor, accounting and Social Security matters, that any company that operates in Colombia has, regardless of the type of company you have.


financial and tax outsourcing.


human resources.